krav maga civilian training


Our intensive Krav Maga Civilian course is a self-defence course with a twist. Instead of focusing on a number of flairy techniques such as high kicks, jumping and spinning around, Krav Maga targets the most essential and practical self-denfence movements. Hence, the Krav Maga system is a faster learning method of self defence which also leads you to a high level Krav Maga Combat Instructor and other specialised courses.

civilian self defence

kravmaga law enforcement


The Law Enforcement course is siutable for police, the army, bouncers and anyone who requires to learn how to control situations with a proximate use of force.
This is done by classifying violence into levels of magnitude: from the highest level (Firearms), through the moderate levels (knives and Shocker), and to the lower levels (Krav-Maga empty-handed combat and voice control).  

civilian self defence

kravmaga military training


The Military Instructor course is designed for military, police, or other security forces individuals or groups. The Military course could be customised and may incorporate:
  • Advanced Pistol Training
  • Advanced Rifle Training
  • Advanced Defensive Driving
  • Tactical Fighting
  • Obstacle Course
  • Group Missions and Navigation runs
  • Military oriented Krav Maga

civilian self defence

kravmaga vip protection


In this framework we give a high level education in the field of VIP Security and Close Protection. You will be instructed by a team of the highest quality and level to ensure an experience you'll never forget, a course you couldn't get anywhere else.
We teach you how to protect a VIP in numerous incidents such as:
  • Near a car
  • In a confined area
  • Among Crowd
  • Inside a car

civilian self defence



Seminar with Krav Maga Expert, Israel Cohen from Israel - open for all Martial Arts styles. Contact us for further info.